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Intelligent Mattresses


Uses air, active air or pro-active air technology to deliver support - "air" cannot be adjusted; "active air" can be manually adjusted using provided controls; and "pro-active air" intuitively adjusts to provide ideal support while you sleep.



The world’s most intelligent mattress.

BodyPerfect® is the first, and only, mattress that stays actively "awake" while you sleep, continually making adjustments to maintain correct alignment and provide ideal support and pressure relief that’s personalized for you.

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Sleep Smart Air

Sleep Smart Air

Intelligent sleep at your command.

Introducing Sleep Smart® Air by Kingsdown, the first mattress with IntelliMax™ technology, a system of brilliant features that work together to provide consistently smarter sleep. These unique features allow you to enjoy personalized support that’s adjustable, so your mattress can change as your needs change.

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